H.R. and Employee Services

Tools That Promote Knowledge and Understanding

Through media tailored to your needs, USI supports the relationship between you, your insurance companies and your employees. Our targeted communication tools and services will enable your employees to understand, utilize and value your benefit programs.

Account Management

  • Service Calendar – Make it easy to stay on track
  • Implementation & Project Timelines – Help you meet your goals
  • Legislative Compliance & Alerts – Report changes that impact your plans
  • Peer Seminars  – Keep you current on benefit and financial topics
  • Accountability – Enable you to have close coordination with HR teams

Employee Education Services

  • Employee Meetings – Create responsible consumers while communicating your plan’s value
  • Benefit Summaries – Employees receive a concise, “reader-friendly” overview
  • My USI – Web-based portal enables employees to access their full benefit package  24/7
  • Quarterly Payroll Stuffers/Newsletters and Articles –  Can be incorporated into your company's newsletter or as stand-alone publication